H. Heisterman

H. Heisterman
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Aloha Joseph,

My wedding was a huge success! Thank you SOOOOO much for all your help with getting the shirts for everyone. I returned the unused shirts and they are expected to arrive on Wednesday. I have also attached a picture for you to use on your website if you so desire. You can see that we had a pretty large crowd wearing your shirts. I chose not to have a traditional wedding party. Instead, I had my daughter walk me down the aisle and stand up with me and had all the wedding guests wear your shirts. As you can see, it was both elegant and comfortable for one of our record-breaking hottest days ever!

Everyone LOVED the shirts and commented on how nice they were. I have also been telling everyone I know how helpful you have been. You certainly helped make my wedding day perfect! Again, thank you so much!!!

H. Heisterman