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J. Grater

Thank you so much! Our boys and girls team won our district championships by over 100 points and our boys team went on to win the State Championship for the first time in 15 years! Everyone agreed that we have always had talent in the pool, but the parents just never had the right shirt...well, we have them now! Everywhere we went during both championship meets, people would recognize us as the parents from North Allegheny because of our beloved black and gold...proudly worn in a bold and eye-catching Hibiscus print from Shirts of Hawaii! Other teams had imitation Hawaiian shirts for their team, but none of them compared to the Pikake shirts. You guys were great to work with when we had last minute orders too... we outfitted the parents of 20 swimmers and divers for the State meet and a total of 53 shirts are now proudly owned by our parents. As you can see from the photo, the group really stood out! Thanks again for everything! Our freshmen parents next November will be ordering their official Tiger Swimming Parent shirts from Shirts of Hawaii!!

J. Grater


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