M. Daniels

M. Daniels
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Aloha, Shirts Of Hawaii!!

Our recent State Championship Meet was conducted last weekend. The "Championship Officials Go Hawaiian" aspect was a huge success. Thanks to you and your assistance, we were able to outfit the Officials in accordance with the spirit of the event!!

The Coaches, Athletes, and Spectators all were very receptive and appreciative of the fact that 'Officials are People, too' and like to have as much fun as the next guy. I gave you and your organization lots of credit and word of mouth advertising during the course of the weekend.

I have attached a photograph of the Team in their Pacific Map attire. Since I wanted to be in the picture, I had someone else take it. Not quite up to my quality standards, but a pretty good representation, just the same.

Thanks, again for all your help. I hope to have the opportunity to do business with you again soon and often.


M. Daniels - Meet Referee Michigan Swimming State Championships