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Hi Guys,

We ordered a bunch of Hawaiian shirts for our wedding party and our Fathers. We only ordered an XL and a XXL to start and got everyone to try them on before we ordered the rest. We were glad we did it this way because the shirts fit a little smaller than we are used to. The speed of delivery was absolutely amazing! We had the first set of shirts within a week of ordering them! This was nice because we knew we didn't have to worry about whether or not the second order would make it here on time. There were no hidden costs (shipping price was really reasonable) and they didn't slap us with a huge bill upon delivery. We have ordered off the internet before and had to pay as much to the delivery driver as the package cost. We have already referred people to your site for their own orders and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. You can't beat the prices either! (Everyone loved the coconut buttons too!) If we have a chance, we'll try to send pictures of all the guys sporting your shirts at our wedding. Thanks for having such an AWESOME page for everyone to shop!

A & T Binkle